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Reports Issued By International Human rights Observer

Annual report 2006

IHRO is dedicated to alleviating the human rights violations in Pakistan. IHRO accomplishes these objectives through human rights education, monitoring, research and providing services to deserving victims.

IHRO and its members, individuals as well as organizations had been untiringly involved in rescue and relied and many of them are continuously playing a key role in rehabilitation and reconstruction phase in the post earthquake scenario. Due to the disastrous earthquake IHRO had to put aside all its regular activities and join hands with other stakeholders and donors working for relief and in the rehabilitation of the people of
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Lal Masjid Incident Report

The late father of the Ghazi Brothers 'maneuvered' to get the leadership (Khitabat) of Lal Masjid and Jamia Faridia. Equally interesting would be to know why Masjid and madrasah were respectively named as Lal Masjid and Jamia Faridia. It was the late Field Marshal Ayub Khan, the country's first military ruler, who got appointed late Maulana Abdullah as the prayer leader of Lal Masjid, on the advice of his spiritual guide, Pir Sahib of Deval Sharif.
Lal Masjid Incident Report

Final Report on Earth Quake

International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) is working together with Governments, United Nations and other like minded organizations since 1996 to help promote and protect the fundamental human rights, declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in other convents to build a world of lasting peace, to have social and economic justice in the 21st century.
Lal Masjid Incident Report

Election Observation Report Local Bodies Election 2005

For Human Rights Day in 2004, the primary objectives of marking the international day are two-fold. The first objective is to increase the level of public awareness and understanding of human rights education and training as being essential for the promotion and achievement of stable and harmonious relations among communities and for fostering mutual understanding, tolerance and peace. The second objective is to promote an increased demand for human rights education & training at the country level.
Lal Masjid Incident Report

National IDPs Conference 24th June 2009

nternational Human Rights Observe organized a National Internal Displaced Conference on 24th June 2009 to high light the issue of historical internal. immigration due to Pak Army action against .
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