Human Rights Education

Human Rights Education

NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

1.4.2 Human Rights Education : What are human rights ?

Human rights are those rights that belong to every individual-man or women, girl or boy, infant or elder- simply because he or she is a human being. They embody the basis slandered with out which people cannot realize their inherent human identity What is human rights education?

Human right education is all learning that develops the knowledge, skill and values of human right. Human right education means to understand and embracing the principles of human equality and dignity and commitment to respect and protect the rights of all people. It has little to do with what we know; the "test" for this of learning is how we act. Why human rights education?

Human rights are highly inspirational and also highly practical, embodying the hopes and ideas of human beings and also empowering people to achieve them. Human rights education shares those inspirational and aspects. It sets slandered but also produces change, effective human rights education are

(1)   Produce change in values and attitude
(2)   Produce change in behaviour
(3)   Produce empowerment for social justice
(4)   Develop attitudes of solidarity across issues, communities and nations
(5)   Develop knowledge and analytical skills
(6)   Encourage participatory education

1.4.3 Human Rights Monitoring:

As an Observer organization, we have a network at grass root level. Its basic aim is to act as an observer for the HR violations in their regions nationally as well as internationally. Our Board Executive members have decided to register 1000000 human rights volunteers.

1.4.4 Research Reports:

The main activities related to research areas are:

(1)   Human rights in Pakistan (in General)
(2)   Women and minorities rights
(3)   Corruption
(4)   Good Government and democracy
(5)   Child labor
(6)   HIV/AIDs
(7)   Prisons
(8)   Poverty
(9)   Kidnapping
(10)   Refugees
(11)   Election

1.4.5 Sustainable Development:

IHRO is very interested to promote the link between sustainable development and human rights that how do the human rights relate to the sustainable development at the locale, national, regional, and than global level. IHRO has already worked with united nation on sustainable development on national and international level. IHRO participate in the UN world summit on sustainable development (WSSD) in 2002 in South Africa and till now working on this particular project of sustainable development in Pakistan and in other world to promote the great agenda of United Nations.

1.4.3 Human Rights Monitoring: