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International Conference
On HR Peace 2012 on Human Rights and Peace

"Human rights for a Secure World"

The theme reflects the need for all groups, including politicians, human rights activists, and community workers, leaders, from all levels and from all fields to join hands in the promotion of human rights to create a peaceful and secure world for the coming generations. It will be a forum/ platform or a tool to bring change and will help in moving towards a more democratic, peaceful and sustainable world.

Conference Objectives

It is crucial to increase the impact and value of the conference to all the groups involved to ensure maximum relevance of the meetings - taking into consideration this goal and the current political and social situation the following principal objectives have been identified for the conference:

     * To further increase the importance and implementation of international human rights law.

     * To unify the political and social efforts for promoting human rights for a peaceful world.

     * To focus on local commitment and solutions, effective leadership and global accountability  for strengthening the human rights mechanisms.

     * To strengthen the resolve for a peaceful world which will help in achieving the MDG's?

     * To promote the culture of peace, tolerance and equality through human rights education.

Conference Program

In order to make the conference more productive and resourceful a unified program has been developed to bring together the studies, skills, and research available in the field. The unified program in an active attempt to appeal to all brings the program components together from the start, gathering input and developing sessions that will address the needs of the broader scope and meet the concerns of a larger proportion of participants. Through the unified program, the organizers hope that the connections made, the lessons shared and the ideas heard will bring about the ideas needed desperately for the process of change. Traditional presentations will be accompanied by interactive sessions , skills building workshops , community activities and cultural events .

Abstract Sessions

The conference will feature abstract driven sessions. The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of social scientists and ultimately will be selected by the organizing committee of the conference. Accepted Abstracts will appear in its full form in the Abstract Book, which will be available either on a CD-ROM or on paper. The time allowed for the abstract presentation will be 15 min and another 10 min for further discussion. Abstracts are invited within the following categories:

Peace & Gender

     * Religious Tolerance & Peace in Islam

     * Democracy & Peace for Sustainable Development

     * Armed Conflicts, Conflict Prevention & Human Rights

     * Globalization and Human Rights Law

     * Terrorism - Impact on Mental and Social Health

     * Miscellaneous*

     * Any topic outside the above mentioned sub-themes may also be submitted for consideration.

Non-Abstract Sessions

The conference will feature different sessions, with special emphasis on the young leadership component. The community and political leaders are specially invited to participate in these sessions. These will be divided into three categories:

Plenary Sessions

The world's most distinguished social scientists, policy specialists, community leaders are invited to give plenary lectures during the conference. These sessions will be the focus of the conference's overall vision.

Ministerial Session

The session will host the different representatives of the governments primarily ministers to highlight the different aspects of their foreign policies within the context of current political situation and its impact on the global human rights movement. The Q & A session will follow the main session.

Case Studies

The case studies will allow the organizations working on the grass root level to share their experiences and lessons learnt while working with the communities. They will present their work / findings through the presentations and will give an opportunity to different participants to share their experiences.

Skills Building Workshops

The Skills Building Program is a unique component of the conference, spanning the community, leadership and scientific programs. Here, Conference delegates have the opportunity to put learning into action. The workshops will use interactive and creative training methods on subjects of critical importance. The skills building workshops offered at the International Conference
On HR Peace 2012
on Peace and Human Rights will be carried out with the help of partner organizations. The interested organizations working in the development sector are invited to conduct these workshops. The workshops will focus on the following categories:

Conflict Resolution

     * International Human Rights law and role of NGO's

     * Peace building measures at the community level

     * Impact of violence on women and children

     * Media - campaigning for change

     * Miscellaneous*

*Any topic outside the above mentioned sub-themes may also be submitted for consideration.

Conference Organizers

International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) is working together with Governments, United Nations and other institutions to help promote and protect the basic fundamental human rights, declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to build a World of lasting peace, social, and economic justice in the 21 st century.

IHRO is an independent, non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental organization registered under social welfare Act 1961 in Pakistan and incorporated in United States of America and United Kingdom . IHRO has been striving to stop human rights violations, upholding and implementing the rights of women, children and minorities. IHRO has been focusing to create awareness about Human Rights through Education and Advocacy. IHRO with a strong network of 5700 volunteers, working nationally and internationally, has been documenting the abuses and giving the victims a platform to ensure that their voices are heard.

In Dec 2004 IHRO marked the Universal Day of Human Rights by hosting the Annual National Human Rights Conference in Islamabad , Pakistan for the fourth year. The conference was aimed to promote culture of human rights through education, which will help in the better understanding of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The national conference passed a resolution at the end to conduct an International Conference
On HR Peace 2012
in 2012 (Resolution No: ihro/IHRC/004). The precoms of the conference will be held in USA , Portugal and South Africa in the coming months as the regional offices of IHRO are currently in the process of organizing.

Conference Organizing Committee

     * A committee of seven members will be responsible for making all the decisions.

     * The committee will appoint the independent panel to review the submissions of the abstracts.

     * The committee will review the credentials of participating delegates.

     * All the sub- committees will report to the conference organizing committee.


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