NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations


International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) is an independent, non-profitable, non- governmental organization registered under social welfare act 1961 in Pakistan and incorporated in USA and UK . IHRO has been in operation in all the respective fields of human rights research and did various projects at grass root level. IHRO is working together with Governments, United Nations and other International institutions to promote and protect the basic human rights of the masses. The Executive Committee of International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) has launched the "Peoples Movement for Human Rights" through print media.

3.3.1 Aim

The aim of the movement is to mobilize the people of Pakistan so they take active part in understanding and securing their fundamental rights and freedoms.

In Pakistan the situation of human rights has not been very encouraging. The term "human rights is not known to the masses of Pakistan but neither they have the resources nor the platform to secure their rights. IHRO has conceived the methodology of this campaign to ensure the maximum participation from all the segments of the society. The members of the movement will be involved in foreseeing monitoring and evaluating not only for their own human rights but also of the members of their communities and groups.

The theme human right for all is being implemented in letter and spirit in this movement. People are entitled to rights simply because they are human beings, irrespective of their citizenship, nationality, race, ethnicity, language, sex, or abilities. IHRO within a span of one week has received 100,000 letters, expression of interest and applications. The whole exercise is directed to develop a comprehensive directory of individuals interested to join us and then to coordinate their efforts at all levels. It will empower them to initiate a process of social change leading to peace, stability and equality.

3.3.2 Objectives:

(1)   To make all the rural inhabitants aware of human rights advocacy.
(2)   To promote culture of peace and equality.
(3)   To create an atmosphere of stability and security through human rights.
(4)   To strengthen and integrate the existing infrastructures within the community, so that human rights can be effectively monitored, violations recorded and the information shared and made public.
(5)   Human rights are the universal rights which every human being should be entitled to enjoy and have protected.
(6)   To build monitor and evaluative team in Pakistan for specification of every individual case histories regarding human rights.

1.4.5 Sustainable Development:

IHRO is very interested to promote the link between sustainable development and human rights that how do the human rights relate to the sustainable development at the locale, national, regional, and than global level. IHRO has already worked with united nation on sustainable development on national and international level. IHRO participate in the UN world summit on sustainable development (WSSD) in 2002 in South Africa and till now working on this particular project of sustainable development in Pakistan and in other world to promote the great agenda of United Nations.

1.4.3 Human Rights Monitoring:


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