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Pakistan Institute of Human Rights Teaching & Research

While working under the auspices of International Human Rights Observer the Institute of Human Rights Teaching & Research was conceived and developed in 2002. The institute primary objective is to serve as a centre for human rights studies. It conducts and promotes research projects, hold training workshops for people from different walks of life, bring the relevant issues of international human rights in the discussion and generate dialogues with different stakeholders for resolving the conflicts. It is working to further promote the UN objective of protecting rights through Education.

  Capacity Building :

The institute has an ongoing program of developing the capacities of professionals working in the development sector. The training courses are tailored according to the needs of the participating group. The workshops/courses are organized by the core team of the Institute, by coordinating with the network of existing trainers. The trainers are selected on the basis of their experiences and achievements in their respective fields and also according to the needs of the audience. The following trainings have been successfully completed by the institute;

  1. Developing Project Proposals
  2. Fundraising for NGO's
  3. Rights Based Approach to Development
  4. International Human Rights Law
  5. Social Culture through Social Worker


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The institute conducts and promotes researches on various human rights issues. All the researches are aimed to better understand the current issues and to explore new options available for their resolution. The following researches were conducted by the institute;

  1. Globalization and its impact on International Human Rights Movement
  2. Access to Justice - A Basic Human Right
  3. Gender Mainstreaming in Pakistan
  4. UN Convention on Rights of Child - State Obligations

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Human Rights Education Program

The institute under its Human Rights Education Program has been conducting trainings in different schools in and around the cities of Attock, Taxila and Whah in the district of Rawalpindi. There are two components of this program;

•  Teachers Training

•  Student's Training

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