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Human Rights, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

This book is a great opportunity for all stockholders including state and non state actors, institutions, political leaders and all those activists who are really serving humanity by discouraging all kind of terrorism in the global regions. IHRO has the credibility and honour to reprint this book as a responsibility to promote the great manifesto of United Nations as declared in the Universal

Deceleration of Human Rights.........


National Anti-Terrorism Movement

National Anti-Terrorism Movement is an advocacy project of International Human Rights Observer. IHRO has arranged the first National Anti-Terrorism Conference in  Islamabad to counter terrorism from its roots. IHRO have the network of 90 thousand volunteers working form human rights in all over the country. IHRO is working against terrorism and all its kinds.......



Human Rights Education - Hand-Book

This handbook gives a comprehensive and easy understanding about human rights, International Human Rights Law, UN Conventions and a brief overview of how the this system has evolved over a period of time. It highlights the role played by the civil society and how they can integrate these principles in their work.......



These guiding principles on IDPs are consists and flash up on General Principals and for Displacement, protection from and during displacement of vulnerable population, principal related to humanitarian assistance, principles relating to return, resettlement and reintegration of IDPs.



Human Rights In Islam

A comprehensive book which highlights the linkages between Islam and the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It explains and highlights the similarities between the two in a very easy and fluent manner. The book will help to undo the myths and misunderstandings with regard to Islamic interpretation of UDHR......



Awaz-e-Haq which means " speaking the truth " is a collection of news paper articles, short stories and analytical pieces written by Mussart Laghari - a renowned writer and devoted human rights activist. The book talks about different human rights issues but highlights the issues faced by women in a Pakistani society.






This year's theme for World Water Day, which is celebrated each year on 22 March, is 'Coping with Water Scarcity'. Scarcity is a major concern in places where water resources are already stretched practically to the limit. The theme highlights the significance of cooperation and importance of an integrated approach to water resource management at both international and local levels. Equity and rights, cultural and ethical issues are essential to be addressed when dealing with limited water resources. Imbalances between availability and demand, the degradation of groundwater and surface....


  National Anti-Terrorism Movement

First National IDPs Conference 2009

International Human Rights University


International Conference 2012

People Movement For Human Rights

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